AppCom Solutions is a Avaya Certified Service Delivery Partner based in Orlando, Florida servicing customers throughout the US.

Our dedicated team of Integrators and Developers have a combined 100+ years of application experience with advanced skills in Contact Center, Software Development/Integration, Cloud Deployments and CRM Integration. We provide cross industry and manufacturer deployment, as well as solution delivery expertise of customer engagement solutions for Avaya, Amazon, SFDC, SAP and many more.

AppCom Solutions is a uniquely skilled service delivery partner with a core focus on Avaya Customer Engagement solutions, Elite Multichannel, Interaction Center Suite, Elite, Avaya Experience Portal, and Avaya Dialers. AppCom Solutions is the first choice by partners for EMC engagements.


Jerry Perkins

Jerry Perkins is the President at AppCom Solutions.  He co-founded ACT, Inc, one of Avaya’s first integration partners in the application space.  After selling ACT to Cross Telecom, Jerry held numerous positions with large financial organizations helping to develop and deploy key applications.   He spent 18 months with Five9 and was an early employee who helped develop key portions of their architecture.

Contact Us:

Office: (407)497-9339

Email: sales@appcomsolutions.net